About Me

Hiiiiiiii Friends!  

My name is Amy, a crazy, forever laughing 30 something teacher (hey… 30 is the new 20!) So here I am headed into my 10th year of teaching … I know … seeeeeeeeeems crazy to me, too!  :)    I taught special education for 8 years.  Then last year I made a GIANT change and moved districts (change is so hard) and moved to teaching in a regular education 2nd grade classroom!  I totally fell in love with 2nd grade and my new district (if that's possible?!).  Total hearts in my eyes for 2nd grade, my NEW teammates, and my new school! :) 

So … I am OBSESSED with sooooo many things … that is why I have the heading on my blog "Obsessions"!  The list is apparently growing!  When blogging, I am obsessed with using the ellipses, parentheses, and so many exclamation marks!!!  I am just soooo excited ALL the time… #insertmyLOUDcackle

That is it for NOW … I promise I will update soon with pictures!  :)

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