Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hi Friends!

Blogging is so much easier to keep up with in the summer... :)  Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday!  I love summer, there is SO much to do, but I also get some time to rest!

Check out my five for Friday ...

This week I was able to spend time with my cousin, Kendie!  We blew up some ridiculous floats and headed to the beach.  Unfortunately, it was low tide and the waves were not crazy like they usually are!  Next time we will check out the tide schedule before we go.  We also went to a farmer's market.  We walked around and checked out the different vendors.  We bought some fresh veggies for a stir fry.  I love spending time with her!

I really do not like to just sit and do nothing, therefore, I am usually prepping something while watching TV.   Lucky for me I can always find some good help.  Kendie helped me laminate my centers for the beginning of the year.  She gets to watch her youtube videos and help me out!  It is a win all around.

AHHHH!!!  THOSE school supplies ... hahaha  I have a friend who will NOT go to Target with me during B2S time.  She was horrified at the amount of stuff I needed :)!  
Thank you Teaching Maddeness for posting on Instagram those frisbees from Michael's, I obviously went right out to get those for end of the year gifts!!!!  YAY!  

Then, I have been to both Walmart and Target ... notebooks, pencils, crayons, and glue sticks GALORE!  ANDDDD... obviously I had to casually go to Lakeshore Learning... AND ... they conveniently had NEW stuff to go with my theme. :)  What a coincidence :)  

My mom and sister have been on *most* of my B2S shopping trips!  They are very helpful, both telling me that I am being ridiculous and that I don't need that hahhaa AND helping me find what I *really* need.  Searching and digging through boxes to find the same color folders and notebooks.  They know my crazy and help me!

PS - those racecar whiteboard erasers are magnetic and are EVERYTHING! hahaha IF you can get whiteboard erasers that are magnetic ... GET THEM!!!!  

Over the school year, I make a ton of random stuff that I need for my class, but I do not have enough time to finish or make it TpT worthy.  Over the summer, I have time to organize and post new products.  A game that I love and my students love is KABOOM!  We use this game ALL the time in my class for sight words, phonics games, and math facts.  I finally put together my addition fact fluency for all seasons/holidays KABOOM!  The game of KABOOM! is low prep and has HIGH engagement for my students.  

I don't technically work over the summer and I have plenty of time to enjoy myself with friends and family!  We had a new little member enter our clique!  We are obsessed with her cuteness, she is definitely a keeper! :) 


  1. Hi, Amy!
    You have such a cute helper! I'm like you. I always need to be doing something. And I'll be the one that tells you that you need EVERYTHING you bought:) Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    Made with Love

  2. I have to have matching notebooks and folders, too! It just makes things easier!

  3. I've managed to avoid going REALLY crazy with B2S shopping. I still have a month before school starts, though!
    Laughter and Consistency