Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tell All Tuesday: Summer Recharge

Hi Friends!  
I am linking up with Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire and Diana from My Day in K for Tell All Tuesday 2.0!

Summertime Recharge for teachers is SO important.  You need some YOU time to relax and rest up for the upcoming school year.  I love summer and lucky for me I live in New England super close to beaches and lakes.  There are a lot of options to enjoy summer!  

I love spending time tanning at the beach, boating, creating stuff for my class, reading, and laughing with my fam and friends!!!!!!!!!  That is how I recharge!!!!!  

I usually do not have time to read for pleasure during the school year, but over the summer I DEF can!!!!  Here are the books that I have read so far... I really LOVED them all ...

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you are recharging and enjoying your summer!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hi Friends!

Blogging is so much easier to keep up with in the summer... :)  Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday!  I love summer, there is SO much to do, but I also get some time to rest!

Check out my five for Friday ...

This week I was able to spend time with my cousin, Kendie!  We blew up some ridiculous floats and headed to the beach.  Unfortunately, it was low tide and the waves were not crazy like they usually are!  Next time we will check out the tide schedule before we go.  We also went to a farmer's market.  We walked around and checked out the different vendors.  We bought some fresh veggies for a stir fry.  I love spending time with her!

I really do not like to just sit and do nothing, therefore, I am usually prepping something while watching TV.   Lucky for me I can always find some good help.  Kendie helped me laminate my centers for the beginning of the year.  She gets to watch her youtube videos and help me out!  It is a win all around.

AHHHH!!!  THOSE school supplies ... hahaha  I have a friend who will NOT go to Target with me during B2S time.  She was horrified at the amount of stuff I needed :)!  
Thank you Teaching Maddeness for posting on Instagram those frisbees from Michael's, I obviously went right out to get those for end of the year gifts!!!!  YAY!  

Then, I have been to both Walmart and Target ... notebooks, pencils, crayons, and glue sticks GALORE!  ANDDDD... obviously I had to casually go to Lakeshore Learning... AND ... they conveniently had NEW stuff to go with my theme. :)  What a coincidence :)  

My mom and sister have been on *most* of my B2S shopping trips!  They are very helpful, both telling me that I am being ridiculous and that I don't need that hahhaa AND helping me find what I *really* need.  Searching and digging through boxes to find the same color folders and notebooks.  They know my crazy and help me!

PS - those racecar whiteboard erasers are magnetic and are EVERYTHING! hahaha IF you can get whiteboard erasers that are magnetic ... GET THEM!!!!  

Over the school year, I make a ton of random stuff that I need for my class, but I do not have enough time to finish or make it TpT worthy.  Over the summer, I have time to organize and post new products.  A game that I love and my students love is KABOOM!  We use this game ALL the time in my class for sight words, phonics games, and math facts.  I finally put together my addition fact fluency for all seasons/holidays KABOOM!  The game of KABOOM! is low prep and has HIGH engagement for my students.  

I don't technically work over the summer and I have plenty of time to enjoy myself with friends and family!  We had a new little member enter our clique!  We are obsessed with her cuteness, she is definitely a keeper! :) 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tell All Tuesday: 7-20-16

Hi Friends!  

I know that I am a day late on linking up for Tell All Tuesday... but ask my friends ... they wouldn't be surprised that I am late!  Not my best quality, but I own it! hahaha 

Well anyways, I am linking up with Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire and Diana from My Day in K for the second week of Tell All Tuesday Summer Snapshot!  

Hello Lake Life!  
My best friend's fam has a lake house that I frequent often and I find it SOOOOOO relaxing!  I love waking up to this beautiful view, getting my tan on, and boating with some quiet ones! :) 

Thank you for checking out my Summer Snapshot!!! :)  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hi friends!!!!  

We all know that once school starts back up we are going in a million different directions.  So, when there are days I don't have plans or if I know of a rainy day during summer, I like to take advantage and be productive.  Being productive during the summer will make for an easier transition B2S!  

So... I love glow sticks and love a cheesy saying.  So with my love for both those things I made a glow stick tag for all occasions! :)
You can find glow sticks inexpensive at the Dollar Tree or Michael's Craft Store.

They are easy to make and a favorite positive reinforcement with the students!  

Next up:

Alright, where do ALL the pencils go?????????
Why do they break, or not sharpen or go MIA????  

The pencil drama makes me see red! hahaha  I can't keep up with sharpening and I think I go through 982398293829389 pencils a year.  
No, I do not have a remedy for this drama (hahaha) but I do have a system I use to keep my pencil sharpener safe.  :)
Two pails from the dollar spot at Target.  One is labeled pencils, where sharpened pencils will be placed by me.  The other is labeled with need to be sharpened, where students will place their unsharpened/broken pencils.  I will be the *only* person to sharpen pencils!  
Grab the labels here for free!

Take advantage when you feel motivated to get ahead before the crazy B2S schedule begins!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tell All Tuesday: Two Truths & a Lie

Hi friends!  

I am linking up with Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire and Diana from My Day in K for Tell All Tuesday 2.0!  :)

  So here goes... my 2 Truths and 1 lie!

1.  I strongly dislike ... more like... will never go to a Dunkin Donuts... EVER!  

2.  Cheese is its own food group in my eyes!  I love all types of cheese!  

3.  I am an urban school teacher and I have only taught 2nd grade!  

***** Edited *****  soooo #3 is my lie!  I taught special education for 8 years before moving to 2nd grade!!!!!  Yes, a girl from MA does not like DD!  I know, I love my flavored iced coffee brewed ... none of those liquid flavor shots for this girl!  

Leave a comment letting me know which one you believe to be a lie!  Good luck! :)  I will post the lie on Friday.