Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Well... hello summer!  
180 days CHECK!
Year 10 CHECK! 
One tired teacher CHECK!

I made it!  I LOVE teaching and give it my all ... so I think that is it TOTALLY fine to LOVE my summer break, too!  I earn that! :)  The last few months (aka my lack of blogging or instagramming) have been SUPER busy.  I have been teaching with all that end of the year entails, coaching my cousin's softball team, attending my other cousin's high school softball games, 2 proms for my cousins, a graduation, and so many birthdays.  Clearly, my cousins are so important to me!  AND yes, tons of stuff going on ... this blogging regularly stuff is difficult!  For those of you who keep up with it ... #sojealous!!!!!  :)

No rest for the weary ... cue the to-do lists!
I completely understand that I am so dramatic ... 
But, I have already started a to do list.  I have about 2982382932 projects that I think I am going to get done ... 
REAL TALK:  I will be lucky if I motivate to do 5 ... HAHAHA somehow summer flies by :) 

But ... I like having lists of reminders and things that I need to get done ... holds me accountable.

Snag this summer to-do list freebie

This is the first time in a couple years that I have no set vacations planned and I am totally okay with it.  I am excited to take the summer one day at time.  Getting back to the gym and eating healthy is definitely on the "ME TIME" list.  I know I will spend some time at the Cape and some time in Maine, but other than that ... who knows!!!!  
BRING on the spontaneity! :)

Sooo... even though I was crazy busy outside of work ... we were doing a lot of work inside the classroom.  I had a class that really bought into everything I was selling teaching.  It is very motivating for me when my students have such excitement about learning.  When I think ... hmm... not sure if they will be into this ... AND then ... they ARE ... TOTAL WIN!  For example, we read different versions of Cinderella, that were from different cultures, and we worked on comparing/contrasting.  I wasn't sure that they would be into it.  But, they could NOT get a enough ... and I love a fairy tale, so I was totally onboard.  

Let's talk about their work, work, work, work, work!

So fairy tales ... we spent a lot of time writing our own ... and this beginning is top notch!  

I did slack on taking pictures ... I wish I had more to show!!!!!!!!!    
 But, we did use Write On!  Fairy Tales by Amy Lemons and Hope King.  We took the time to go through the entire writing process, ALL 24 students, and they were very PROUD of their fairy tales!  

On to math...

We finished up 2nd grade math with multiplicative thinking.  

So ... we start this off by teaching columns and rows.  I have them move both their arms vertically to show columns and spread their arms horizontally to show rows.  We practice that everyday.  When they are working at their desks independently, I can see them using those gestures to help them.

When working with multiplicative thinking we do a lot of work around the sentence frames:

 _____ groups of _____
_____ rows of _____
_____ columns of _____


repeated addition sentences.

We use manipulatives to help my students visualize with a concrete model:  rows, columns, and what repeated addition *multiplication* is.   

I love tying in what I am doing in other subject areas to all subjects ... so I added Cinderella to our multiplication story problem.  (Yes, they LOVED it)

I projected steps for my students to do for a warm up.  Each child gets a dry erase pocket (if you don't have these ... GET THEM... amazing for all areas)  a bag of cubes, and a dry erase marker.  They start working on this on the rug, turn and check with their partner, and then we talk about it as a class.

 Woooo... that is a lot!  Summer is here, take time for you! :)