Friday, April 8, 2016

Five For Friday: April 8th

Well, hello there!  
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Alright... I will OWN IT... I love loathe mealworms.  UGH... but for my 24 Scientists in training, I am acting like it is my MOST favorite unit.  My students are LOVING having their own mealworm, they have named them, they feed them, and observe them like crazy.  They share with their friends all their observations.  We observe the life cycle of the mealworms and I created a class "instagram" so we can document all of our observations. The pages flip up on their cell phones!  Obviously, I am IN LOVE with the cuteness hahaha ... and check out my EMOJI borders!  My students went WILD over them! :)


Do you use a schema chart in your classroom?  It is very similar to the KWL chart.  I use a schema chart before I start any new topic in all subject areas.  It can usually fit on one chart, but we *had* a lot of schema on mealworms! :)  
The chart:
1.  Schema=Background Knowledge
What you think you know?
I ask students to tell me what they think they know about a topic.

*** On our mealworms schema chart, I was laughing on the inside because I knew they were going to be so SURPRISED when we started learning about them! *** :)

2.   What you learned?
I use this as part of my wrap up of the lessons.  We think, pair, and then share out.

3.  Misconceptions
What we thought we knew in our schema, may not be accurate, once we start our learning.  And guess what... IT IS OKAY to CHANGE your thinking!  

We have been working on 3 digit subtraction!    My students have been working *SUPER* hard on their subtraction strategies.  I whipped up some task cards that had chips and salsa clipart.  Umm... because I was so excited about the clipart, my students were too!  

Those are my NEW sparkly Kate Spade Keds! I see hearts in my eyes over those shoes... haha!

AND then... pics of me with my mom at the World Figure Skating Championship!  We both LOVE figure skating and had an AMAZING time!  :)

Play ball!  The baseball season has officially begun... if you ever come to visit Boston, Fenway Park is a must!!!!!! :)

<3 Red Sox <3

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