Sunday, January 3, 2016


Hi Friends!  Soooo... it's the new year... 2016!!!!!(shocking... I know)  I like to do some reflecting.  AND... I am over the negativity... so BRING ON the positives.  INSERT:  Obsessions  

Yes... I tend to LOVE things a little too much ... Nikes, Tory Burch, sparkles, fountain sodas ... ask my cousin, Kendie, she can recite all my obsessions!  #miniME

Well, why would my classroom be any different?  I clearly have MANY obsessions that are present in my classroom culture, decor, and tasks.  

So ... here are my obsessions ... in random order of 2015!

 Those are my *obsessions* of 2015!  I hope to continue those obsessions and add some more for 2016!  I hope you all have an AMAZINGGGGG year! 
 Be positive :) Have fun :) Laugh a lot :) 

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