Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hi Friends!  Well... this girl survived her first week back!  We went right back into our routines and schedule, no wasting any time! :)  Since the beginning of the year we have been focusing on fiction and we just switched over to nonfiction, and my 2nd graders ARE loving it.  I was not expecting them to be THIS engaged and enthusiastic ... but it is AMAZING! 

There is such high energy and a buzz in my room with ALL these ... 

Hey ... did you know?
LOOK at this ...
Miss VonKahle ... I learned ...
Look at this text feature...

My students want to share, share, and share some more about all their new knowledge.  AND ... hey I am becoming an expert on sooooooo many things as well! 

My students are HUGE fans of partner reading and when I looked up from my reading group and saw this ... I just had to snap a picture.  They were so involved with learning about the solar system!!!! :)  

We started nonfiction in writing as well.  This week we worked together as a class on how to research.  We read information about sharks and started to organize our thoughts.  We will begin to write our own All About __________ books soon.  I had my student each pick an animal they wanted to learn more about!  YES!  Second graders are researching and writing!  :):):)  I will post more about this later!!!! 

Soooo... here is the real teacher talk ... as much as I am LOVING my students excitement and engagement with their nonfiction books.  They are learning A LOT but I am overwhelmed.  They keep coming up to me AND wanting to tell me what they learned or a new text feature that they noticed. All VERY important stuff, but it can be disruptive to their classmates and me when I am teaching a guided reading group.  Loving the excitement... but wow!  (If you teach 24 excited friends, you know how I am feeling)

So what is a teacher to do?!?!?!  

I learned this in a class along the way and this was the perfect USE!  When launching my guided reading on Friday, I asked them to hold onto their learning and not share it, I would give them some time to at the end.  So ... this is a little messy (our first time trying this out).  There are two circles an inner and outer and they are partnered up.  They each share a fact, something interesting, a text feature... what they were so excited about during their reading with the partner they are sitting across from.  Then I say slide... the outer circle moves to the right to the next partner... they share again ... 

They have time to share their new interesting learning ... I get to teach uninterrupted guided reading.  :)

Alright, I am off to do 1492489284 things :)  orrrrrr lie back in bed and watch Law & Order! :) 

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Hi Friends!  Soooo... it's the new year... 2016!!!!!(shocking... I know)  I like to do some reflecting.  AND... I am over the negativity... so BRING ON the positives.  INSERT:  Obsessions  

Yes... I tend to LOVE things a little too much ... Nikes, Tory Burch, sparkles, fountain sodas ... ask my cousin, Kendie, she can recite all my obsessions!  #miniME

Well, why would my classroom be any different?  I clearly have MANY obsessions that are present in my classroom culture, decor, and tasks.  

So ... here are my obsessions ... in random order of 2015!

 Those are my *obsessions* of 2015!  I hope to continue those obsessions and add some more for 2016!  I hope you all have an AMAZINGGGGG year! 
 Be positive :) Have fun :) Laugh a lot :)