Saturday, December 26, 2015

December ...

Hi Friends!  I hope everyone had a GREAT holiday (and Santa was good to you!)  December was a crazy blur ... I have no idea where the time went.  Between Christmas parties, report cards, shopping, wrapping, bridesmaid duties, and life ... honestly ... NUTS!  :) BUT ... very productive!  Well... here are some highlights of the happenings ...

We made these Christmas tree ornaments out of cupcake wrappers and star sequins.  It was SUPER easy and they came out super cute!  You could hear a pin drop when my students were making them.  I love how serious they were making their parents a gift and wrapping them with such care.  :):):)

If you must know one thing about me ... it is that I LOVE a theme!!!!  Whatever ... the theme ... I will go with it one hundred percent.  Soooo ... here are two of my Christmas themed outfits with my ugly sweater pen!  LOVED!!!!  I am telling you that I was into ugly sweaters before they were soooooo trendy :)!  HAHA!  

I am a huge proponent of positive behavior and motivating students with positive parent communication.  I made these notecards to send home when my students were caught doing something good!  Positive behavior management has really helped the culture in my classroom.  I truly believe in acknowledging positive behavior and encouraging students to own their behavior.  #makesMYlifeEASIER #ownIT

Please say hi to my NEW student, Buddy the Elf... this little guy made 2348239048901849018 snowflakes out of post-it notes ... :)  He wanted to hang them ALL over the classroom!  It is hard not to laugh at the things that happen when you work with kids.  Making snowflakes was MUCH more engaging than me hahahaha :)  

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Consistency is ABSOLUTELY necessary! (Grab a Freebie)

Well... hello December!  When Thanksgiving is late in November, the holiday season comes SOoOOooOO quickly.  The holiday season can be so crazy with parties, shopping, Christmas light adventures, AND keeping little 7 & 8 year olds engaged on their tasks!  Crazy!  As much fun and excitement that comes with the season, it can be also VERY stressful.  So to AVOID feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I am doing my very best to make better decisions.  

A huge stress relief for me ... is working out.  I think it is fun and actually gives you more energy (to do the never ending To-Do list).  Thanks to my friend, Stacey, I started going to a SUPER fun spin class.  I am totally off beat the whole time, but OH WELL... you sweat like crazy and have a blast.  That is a DOUBLE win!

Did I mention that they also play the best music... 
like Adele to Bieber to Fetty Wap ... AMAZING!

Next up:

I know this is a FUN and MAGICAL time of year, but we still have lots of curriculum to get through.  With students being JAZZED up with excitement of the season, it is tough to keep their engagement.  What works best for me is to really keep the routines and procedures consistent.  I sprinkle in some holiday magic with festive clipart on their work, through close reading passages about December/winter fun, and math stations with some holiday theme to them.  I am not Scrooge (haha), but learning is very important.  Check out this engagement happening... :)    

I also get by with a little help from my friends...AKA elves!!

When you have a classroom full of friends WHO love Go Noodle... then it is the PERFECT behavior incentive.  We typically use Go Noodle for quick brain break during our day AND they always want more.  So we will be able to have a Go Noodle dance party ...if we earn 10 elves! 

Elves are definitely your friends during December :) 

Click the image above for your behavior incentive freebie!

Thanks for stopping by!  #staypositive