Friday, November 27, 2015

Five For Friday! 11-27-15

Hi Friends!  It has been a LONGGGGGGG time since I last blogged and I really need to get better at it!!!!!  It's on my list of goals ... :)  I don't know about you all, but November has been a SUPER quick month.  It's shocking that yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving, the most delicious holiday of them all!!!  I have had a FUN week and I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share my week!


My week was kicked off with a lovely Bridal shower for one of my besties!  It was fall themed ... mainly because I love a cheese saying ... and I wish I was kidding but they make me so happy! #FallinLOVE ... I was in charge of making the bow bouquet, it is a SERIOUS job up there HAHAHA!!!!  The wedding is on New Year's, I can't wait to celebrate these two!!!!


This week we focused on lots of Turkey themed stuff!  We learned ALL about turkeys and wrote some new facts that we learned!  Turkeys even made an appearance in our math activities, as we gobbled up that place value.  (I told you I love a cheesy saying!)  We did a TON of close reading to get our turkey facts!!!!  :)  I love close reading and I think that it is such an important skill.


This week I received cheese balls (my FAV), a sweet letter, and one my of friends took the mentor text I was reading out of the school library to read for herself.  It is JUST what I needed.  I don't know about you, but for me it's that time of year where I am starting to get a little tired and overwhelmed.  AND then I get a sweet, unprovoked thoughtful surprise from my students and then ... you know that your tiredness is all WORTH it!  AND... she even drew my bun!  I do wear my hair up everyday in a giant bun, but who knew that is EXACTLY how they see me! hahahaha


Happy Thanksgiving Day football game!!!!!!!  YOU all know I always talk about my cousins, well meet my cousin, Kevin!  This 6 foot 2 boy man had an AMAZING football season.  He worked soooooooo hard and did soooooo well!  My fam couldn't be MORE proud. 

AND ... Kendie straightened her own hair ... I can't take her getting older! 


Hi ... my name is Amy and I can be a procrastinator.  I have good intentions on getting stuff done early, it just doesn't always happen.  #realtalk

BUTTTTT... for once I am READY!  Thanksgiving was late this year which means that December is going to be CraZZZyyyy town!  Super, super BUSY!  Soooo ... I actually have tags and stuff printed!  Yessss... I am ahead of the game with cheesy sayings, of course!

Check that the cards and tags out here!  

I can check that of my to do list!!  Yay! 

Well... thanks for stopping by.  I am off to meet up with fam and friends! :)