Thursday, October 1, 2015

Math Workshop #BringitON!

This week we kicked off Math Workshop…it is a work in progress getting all of my little friends into the routines/procedures of the workshop model.  But we went for it!  We begin math everyday on the rug for a mini-lesson, then we break into four groups that rotate around different stations, and come back to the rug for a short closing.  I am a HUGE fan of math workshop because I am able to pull guided groups.  In these guided groups, I am meeting with my students in a small group which allows me to meet their needs!  I feel like I am able to reach my students better and have seen better overall success with this model! 

Sooo… what is everyone else doing when I am pulling groups?  They are working in stations around the classroom.  On my chart^^ (up there) you can see the different rotations.  I am sorry that my chart isn't the cutest thing you have ever seen!  But, the clip art is … thanks Kate Hadfield Designs!

SO we kicked off our workshop with some fun learning!!!  Check it out ...
Seat Work - An extension of teacher time and what the focus lesson is -
Math Games - which is currently War a FAV place value game… you can find that here! - We are working on how to play games and that games are for learning and not for winning #myboysAREcompetitive 
Back Table - which is where different math stations are - this week we are working on even and odd and true/false -  The even and odd is a freebie from The Bubbly Blond, check that out here!  The true/false is from my Let's Get Back 2 Work Centers, grab that here!  

The best part of math workshop is that my students are cheering for math time and truly loving it!  :)  Tomorrow is Friday!  YAY!

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