Thursday, October 8, 2015

Five For Friday! #FAVmonth #Freebie

Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  It is OFFICIALLY October … :)  AND my FAV month!  I love the costumes … and being scared…  and the candy … and pumpkin EVERYTHING… AHHHH pure bliss!  AND best of all, we are finally in full swing in room 207!  YAY, for October!  

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday… check out some of my week!  


I am a HUGE fan of using THINK-PAIR-SHARE in my classroom.  I think that every student in my classroom benefits from this strategy and I use it often!  It does not matter the level of the child or their English proficiency… they have an opportunity to share with a partner, which is WAY less intimidating than volunteering in front of the class!  As a teacher, I am able to lean in to hear my little friends' thinking and know if they are on the right track!  It gives students confidence to speak in front of their peers!  Also, hearing my students use accountable talk and being respectful is SOOOO AMAZING!  :)  #FAVstrategy 


I started creating a NEW product on place value that I am soooooo excited about.  I have been collecting clipart for this piece, but was not motivated.  My creativeness is NOW in full swing.  #PLACEvaluePARTY


I introduced some new games this week.  This game is practicing our math facts.  We are calling it Monster FACTS, because there are monsters in the pack that steal your cards back! :)  #gamesMOTIVATE #socialSKILLS #teambuilding


Soooo… I saw this quote on instagram and instantly became OBSESSED.  I projected this on my board today and asked my students what they thought it meant!  #growthmindset #powerOFpostivethinking 

I think that it is important to teach students to work hard and to ALWAYS try their best.  SO important!  BE PROUD of what you do!  Are YOU proud of your work?!?

GRAB these posters… CLICK HERE!  AND… start MOTIVATING your students!


Why… hello!

I seriously AM addicted to nail polish hahahhaha :)  

Well… I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend!  I know I will!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I think that Think, Pair Share is a super classroom strategy and often use it, too. I love the poster. Great quote for the kids to think about!
    Always Primary

  2. Love the poster! So many kids have the "what do we do when we're done" mentality, and it's important for us to get them to see they should focus more on the task that they are doing!

    1. Kids totally have that mentality!!!! I agree with you! Seriously … just do what you are doing one hundred percent!!!! :)