Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tell All Tuesday - #goal #wish #dream

I am linking up with Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire and Diana from My Day in K for the last Tell all Tuesday.  Where has the summer gone?!

This Tell All Tuesday is about a goal, a wish, and a dream for the school year.  I feel like many (if not all) teachers are huge reflectors of their practice and are ALWAYS trying to improve, so this is a perfect idea to get ready.  

I still have a month to go before I head back, but I am *really* trying to get motivated to start getting my thoughts into actions.  I have sooooooo many ideas racing through my head to get ready for this year!  

So lets check out some of them…


My goal this year is ENGAGEMENT!!!!  Who wants to do anything boring?!  Ummm… def not me!  Engagement to me are my students' interest, their curiosity, their attention and their passion for what they are learning.  As a teacher, that means taking risks and getting out of my comfort zone (SCARY..EXCITING).  Perhaps some costumes or rap songs will be happening this year?  Their engagement also effects MOTIVATION!  I think that it is SUPER important to learning.  I have been watching Hope King on Periscope and reading her blog about how she engages her students at RCA!  I want my students to be EXCITED about coming to school and learning.  AND - I truly believe that engagement is so crucial to students' behavior as well.  

I think that the blogging community is really so *INSPIRING* with how to teach concepts and keeping students engaged!  


I want everyday to be in the WIN column for teaching.  I want everyday to be purposeful and meaningful for my students' learning.  Yea … I want to be super prepared and KNOW what my students need to be successful in whatever we are learning.  
It's my wish … to reach ALL my learners … <3


My dream is to be organized!  I really want too!  I read all YOU organized people's blogs.  I have *places* for everything …but somehow they just don't end up there?  I want them too, but it doesn't happen.  I AM really going to try this year to make an extreme effort to stay organized! 
I mean I try … and I have everything to be organized… so I am going to put my bins and things to use. *fingers crossed*

UGH … I am owning it … 

Soooo… with that … I hope that EVERYONE has a great back to school!  :)

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