Friday, July 31, 2015

I Love B2S (and a GOOD SALE)!!!!!!

Yesssss… it is true … I LOVE B2S!  I know … I know… I do get that #summertimesadness because I do LOVE summer… BUT…

There is nothing like getting ready for B2S!  You are rested and excited with anticipation for the upcoming school year.  You have a chance (yes, I really mean … TIME) to tweak, reorganize, and prepare.  I always feel like B2S is a teacher's new year … most people make resolutions in January for the new year … but me … I make them at the beginning of the school year.  You are back on a schedule (fyi- I am totally OFF a schedule right now!  Late nights and late mornings … yeeeeeesh!)  

But back to B2S, what else I love - SCHOOL SUPPLIES!  Why are they so addicting?!?  I can't go into any store without taking a quick peek at the supplies … and obviously buying some!

Can we also talk about how I LOVE decorating my classroom!?  I love creating bulletin boards and picking color schemes. It is seriously my FAVORITE part!   Is that weird??  I am loving seeing everyone's class on insta!!  Keep them coming… people are so creative!

After reflecting this summer … I am implementing some new resources:

I am soooo excited to use my NEW math centers that I created.  They review major 1st grade standards.  I am super excited to start my year off using these, so that we can get into our routines for math workshop and practice skills.

 Check them out here:

AND… it can get a little crazy when students are exchanging books in your library.  I created these to keep myself (sane) and my students on track and not wasting time!

So go on over and check out the big B2S sale at TpT!

(Feel free to grab this and use to promote the sale)

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  1. Cute blog Amy!! :) I'm found you in the Second Grade TpT tribe! I'm a new follower. I love school supplies and feeling rested too! :) It's amazing how fast we lose sleep once the school year starts.

    All the best,
    Ms. Pretzel's 2nd Grade Bugs