Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tell All Tuesday - Summer Snapshot

I am ALMOST on summer vacation (YAY)!!!! I am linking up with Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire and Diana from My Day in K for Tell All Tuesday … Summer Snapshot!  

My summer snapshot is of my favorite place … THE BEACH!  I live near (30-45 minutes) away from the beach, soooooo LUCKY!  

I don't discriminate when it comes to beaches!  You can find me bopping around beaches in Maine, New Hampshire, and Mass.  At all my fav locations, I obviously have favorite foods to eat!  My MOST favorite is DEFINITELY beach pizza.  Beach pizza is square pizza with sweet sauce!  #delicious

I am also LUCKY because I have lots of teacher friends who love the beach!  I always can find someone to come with me. 

That is my friend, Amy!  We have a battle of the tans … and we think we are mermaids!  As in, we totally go swimming in the ocean and do handstands etc… (yesssss… you read correctly)  

Thanks for checking out my summer snapshots!  

Sorry for such a quick post… last FULL week of school… CRAZY BUSY!!!!!!

Clip Art by:  Krista Wallden & Ashley Hughes


  1. Happy last week of school! I need to try beach pizza! You go, Mermaid!
    Very Perry Classroom

  2. Love me some beach time!!! Have a great last week!!!!

  3. I'm from New England too!! I have never heard of beach pizza - sounds delicious! :)

    1. Hi Crystal!

      It is the square pizza?!?! SOOOO good! You need to try it!

  4. We are huge beach bums, too! Love your snapshots!
    Ashley and Brooklynn

  5. Loved your pictures, looks like a great way to spend summer. Thanks for taking the time to link up with us! :)

  6. Sound likes you have a blast at the beach! Great pics!

    Luv My Kinders