Saturday, June 20, 2015

PrACTice Like A Champion!

Hi Everyone!  Sooo… I have ONLY 1.5 days left (YAY SUMMER!) … and like alllllll teachers at the end of school year… I have been CRAZY busy (mostly crazy)!  But, I have also done some reflection on the school year.  More specifically, in motivating my students to do their best, persevere, and to have good character.  I genuinely want my students to be OVERALL great people.  But how do we teach them how to own these behaviors?  What helped me to own positive behaviors?  As a former athlete, who dabbled in some coaching, I realized that those qualities of being part of a sports team have been crucial to who I have become.  Sooooo… this summer I am going to try an athlete inspired blog series for building character in your classroom!  


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