Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June … already?!?!

Where has this school year gone???  I guess it is JUNE?!? I am linking up with Farley for JUNE Currently.  I am NOT ready for this year to be over and to say good bye to my students!  Even on this rainy FULL MOON day … I am stillllllllllllllll sad that we only have 18 days left!  

Please if you can, head over to Farley's page and make a donation to help out Wimberley, TX!

Let's see what I am Currently up to:


I am watching Giada make some delicious looking food!  I love cooking … I think cutting vegetables and cooking is relaxing!


UMMM … I am loving my nail color.  Soooooo my nail girl, Shelby, is AMAZING!!!!!  She just gets what colors I like … as in... she usually has my colors ready to go!  We are both obsessed with using 2 colors, for an original color!  We use a color for a base coat then add a similar color on top for a different effect!  LOVE!!!!!!!!


Yes, I am THINKING of my to-do list.  Not doing it … just thinking and procrastinating!  I think I totally work better under pressure (that's how I roll, I don't recommend it, but it's ME!) hahahaha EOY paperwork……..


To print and hang my NEW math posters by The Bubbly Blonde!  My theme is black with neons and I HAD to have these posters!!!!!  I AM SOOOO OBSESSED!!!!!


Eeeeeek!  THIS. WEEKEND.  I am attending the New England Teacher Bloggers Night Out!  I am super nervous because I do not know anyone… but I am also SUPER excited to meet everyone who share the same passion that I do!  


It is almost summer and it is a time to relax(ish)!

1.  I love reading and during the school year I do not always have time to read books for my own pleasure.  Soooo, summertime I get to read books … YAY!  Any good beach reads?

2.  I LOVE the beach!  I love the sand, jumping in the waves (pretending I am a mermaid), and getting a TAN!   It is soooooo relaxing … and who can forget the beach pizza … DELICOUS!

3.  NO alarm clock!  Ummm … yes please!  I am not a fan of alarm clocks … hahaha I am not exactly a morning person (sorry not sorry)  

So … I guess June is here … ready or not!  Alright I am offffffff to motivate and tackle at least one thing on my to do list (probably printing out my new math posters)!  


  1. LOVE the NO alarm clock!! What an amazing part of the summer!!!!

  2. I love Giada as well! Unfortunately, no one else in my family would probably eat anything she makes but I can dream:)

    I LOVE those math posters! I saw her preview them on IG and thought that they will have to be put onto my Wish List for the new school year.

    Good luck with the end of the year! I have been out for 6 days already and have been loving every minute of it! Enjoy your summer!

  3. I love the idea of mixing colors for your nails… putting different colored coats is genius!!!
    thanks so very much for donating!!!

  4. I love thinking about making a to-do list and not making one. We have all summer!

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