Friday, May 15, 2015

Five For Friday & A Freebie!


Yay!  It's Friday … ohhhh... I have missed you!  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday!  


This saying is two-fold for me… this week!  
#1  I am soooo cheesy and think it is hysterical!  HEY… I own my cheesiness … (and I think my students do too hahahahaha)
#2  This week we have started working on ARRAYS and I am sooooo happy to be moving on from story problems.  Since March, I have had 3 newcomers enter my classroom (2 from Brazil and 1 from South Africa).  We have been working on STORY PROBLEMS, which can be VERY wordy with soooooo much vocabulary.  So for all my ELLs … this is not so much fun.  So now we are working on arrays, which have minimal language and they are VERY VISUAL!  I have noticed a HUGE change in their affect and seeing/watching them feel successful, puts a HUGE SMILE ON ALL OF OUR FACES!  


We kicked off our array unit watching two of our favorite characters …Annie & Moby!  My students are OBSESSED with Brain Pop Jr.  The short clips are engaging and are a great visual tool for students.  The clips help reinforce the new vocabulary!


HANDS ON … YES PLEASE!  We made our own arrays this week with dot stickers!  Each student picked two cards,  filled in the sentence ____ rows of ____, made their own array to match their sentence, and wrote a repeated addition sentence!  They loved this activity and they were soooo excited to say HIP HIP ARRAY!  haha

I posted this activity in my TpT store as a freebie!  I hope your students like it as much as mine did!


I was sooooooo happy to find this array activity from Amy Lemons, I Spy Arrays!  My students were SUPER energetic this week and needed some movement!  They actually loved this activity.  I need to remember to post my task cards around the classroom, once in a while!

Divider 5
My last tidbit on my arrays this week … NEXT year when I am calling "ROW 1", "ROW 2", "ROW 3",  it is COLUMNS … DUH AMY … your students sit in columns NOT rows!  HAHAHAHA  If it will help them with a concept … I am all for it! :)

That's my cARRAYzy week!  


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  1. Hi, Amy!
    I just love this post! I used your play-dough fraction idea this week. . .finally! It took us a while to get there. You have such great, hands-on ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

    Made with Love