Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Arrays, Darkling Beetles, and Some Treats from our Book Characters

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Ummm… it is Wednesday AND not Friday?!?  That's SHOCKING … hahaha this week is dragging … but we have been doing A LOT!  

In math, we are still working on ARRAYS.  It has taken a little longer than I had thought … buuuttttt (fingers crossed) I think that we ALL are getting it!

 We worked on some stadium food arrays, which you can find… here!  I put them in reusable dry erase pockets!  Reusable dry erase pockets are legit a lifesaver.  Perfect for the end of the year, when you are ALL SET with cutting out task cards.  Let's be real, we are TIRED this time of year!  I also thought they were perfect for this activity because my students are still writing how many are in each row, so they utilized the dry erase aspect!  

Can you please check out the backwards check mark!!!  (blogger needs emojis) #toocute


We continued to practice making rows and columns with given amounts, for example 3 rows of 4.  Students needed to create that array and make a repeated addition sentence.  We also worked on having a total number of square tiles (yummy cheez-its) like 18 square tiles, and make a rectangle (array)!  They had soooo much fun with this activity!!!!  

Here is a couple of array freebies, that I have created over this week!  

Let's take a look at some reading …

Soooo… we are still working on reading Chocolate Fever and Cam Jansen and the Birthday Mystery in our guided reading groups!  As a reading response, students wrote letters to Henry from Chocolate Fever to make him feel better for the crazy illness of chocolate popping out of his body!  My Cam Jansen group wrote letters to Granny and Gramps to make them feel better for losing their luggage at the airport!  

AND … what do you know … Henry and Granny & Gramps left  a note with hugs and kisses (and a little surprise) for my students when they returned from specials!  

They LOVED this!!!! #itsthelittlethings

AND last up … science and the darkling beetles!

SO… I am OBSESSED and I do mean OBSESSED with Directed Drawings from First Grade Blue Skies …  I am not an artist and her directions really help.  Well in my science manual was a directed drawing to make a beetle.  AND I prob would have skipped this activity, but because of her stuff, I thought I can do this!  AND WE DID!  My students were familiar with this routine so they came out soooo cute!  They labeled the 3 main body parts of the beetle.  SOOO … thank you First Grade Blue Skies for giving me drawing confidence! 

Super cute … right?!

OK … I am off to get ready for Friday … ugh Thursday!

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