Friday, May 29, 2015

Five For Friday! 5 - 26


I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching … for Five For Friday!  Just a couple more weeks until I am on vacation!  


I know many teachers are finished or finishing up their school year and we ALLLLL know the craziness that needs to get done at the end of the year.  Soooo much paperwork, testing, organizing, cleaning … AND if we are feeling the craziness… I can just imagine how my students feel!  So this week I CHECKED OFF (A GIANT CHECK) my F&P benchmarking off my LOOOOOOONG to-do list!  YAY!  (FYI F&P is Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment where each student gets tested individually)  
My students did a great job and they found a note on their desk when they came in to the class today!  Check them out below … grab them for free in my TpT store.


WELLLLL  in the CRAZINESS … I have been getting ready for next year with an ABSURD amount of lamination!  My co-worker caught me in the hallway after school … hahaha everyone knows I am OBSESSED with lamination … 

I don't own my own laminator … but I might need one for this summer!


It's ABOUT time … 

This week we started working on telling time to 5 minutes.  We used clocks and dry erase sheets (which I am obsessed with) to practice our skills.  We also made our class schedule on big paper (everything is better when you're working with BIG paper, right?!?) .  Each student had to write the time both digitally and on an analog clock.  They had a lot of fun with this activity and I think we KNOW how to tell time to 5 minutes! YAY!  


Ummm …these 3 girls … I can't with how CUTE they are!  They legit MELT my heart.  They put in SOOOO much effort in ALL of their work!  During their guided reading group, they are reading Cam Jansen and the Birthday Party Mystery.  So we start talking and they wanted to really SOLVE the case, so they started by going back into the text and making their own list of evidence from the book.  They take their learning sooooo seriously!!! <3 <3 <3 



My PIC (partner in crime) had her band concert this week!  She did a GREAT job!  :)

I hope you enjoyed my Five for Friday!  

Paper by Ashley Hughes
Clipart by Creative Clips

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Travelin' Thursday Linky Party

 Sooo… I am obsessed with traveling!  I love visiting new places, especially places that are prime for tanning!  (Yes, I looooooove a tan)  So when I saw this linky party Travelin' Thursday by Amy at My Bright Brunch … I knew I was linking up!  

Where are we traveling to … 

I went to Bermuda on a family vacation a couple of years ago and FELL in love!  It is SUPER SAFE and easy to get around.  We took the bus everywhere.  I know you think that you are going to rent a moped (my Dad thought he was too) until you see people FLYING by you … SCARY!   
And real talk … THEY HAVE AMAZING FOOD!  

My Parents, my sister, my cousin & her husband, and I all went on vacation!  

So let's check out some highlights…

The caves are beautiful.  We got massages inside one… so relaxing!  We had some caves at our hotel and you can visit more caves at Crystal Caves, a tourist attraction.  Very interesting!

GOLFING!  My Dad LOVES golfing and I recently took it up.  The course was beautiful.  I am not soooo good.  I am obsessed with the 6 iron!  Is that weird?

Swizzle Inn & Swagger Out … truer words were never spoken!  HAHAHA!  This is a dive and is awesome.  Great drinks (rum swizzle), great food, and even greater NACHOS!  hahahha I love a nacho!

and off to the Pickled Onion

The most DELICIOUS app of all time!  This is shrimp in a wonton wrapper and deep fried.  AMAZING!!!!!!  Like I can't get over how good it is!  

So that is some fun places to go to if you ever travel to Bermuda!  I am doing the Boston to Bermuda cruise with some friends (and yes I just saw that cruise ship that went aground)  YIKES!  But anyways, I am actually going at the end of June!  I can NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!  I will keep you updated on any more great fun to be had! 


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Arrays, Darkling Beetles, and Some Treats from our Book Characters

Clipart by: Melonheadz
Fonts by:  Hello Fonts

Ummm… it is Wednesday AND not Friday?!?  That's SHOCKING … hahaha this week is dragging … but we have been doing A LOT!  

In math, we are still working on ARRAYS.  It has taken a little longer than I had thought … buuuttttt (fingers crossed) I think that we ALL are getting it!

 We worked on some stadium food arrays, which you can find… here!  I put them in reusable dry erase pockets!  Reusable dry erase pockets are legit a lifesaver.  Perfect for the end of the year, when you are ALL SET with cutting out task cards.  Let's be real, we are TIRED this time of year!  I also thought they were perfect for this activity because my students are still writing how many are in each row, so they utilized the dry erase aspect!  

Can you please check out the backwards check mark!!!  (blogger needs emojis) #toocute


We continued to practice making rows and columns with given amounts, for example 3 rows of 4.  Students needed to create that array and make a repeated addition sentence.  We also worked on having a total number of square tiles (yummy cheez-its) like 18 square tiles, and make a rectangle (array)!  They had soooo much fun with this activity!!!!  

Here is a couple of array freebies, that I have created over this week!  

Let's take a look at some reading …

Soooo… we are still working on reading Chocolate Fever and Cam Jansen and the Birthday Mystery in our guided reading groups!  As a reading response, students wrote letters to Henry from Chocolate Fever to make him feel better for the crazy illness of chocolate popping out of his body!  My Cam Jansen group wrote letters to Granny and Gramps to make them feel better for losing their luggage at the airport!  

AND … what do you know … Henry and Granny & Gramps left  a note with hugs and kisses (and a little surprise) for my students when they returned from specials!  

They LOVED this!!!! #itsthelittlethings

AND last up … science and the darkling beetles!

SO… I am OBSESSED and I do mean OBSESSED with Directed Drawings from First Grade Blue Skies …  I am not an artist and her directions really help.  Well in my science manual was a directed drawing to make a beetle.  AND I prob would have skipped this activity, but because of her stuff, I thought I can do this!  AND WE DID!  My students were familiar with this routine so they came out soooo cute!  They labeled the 3 main body parts of the beetle.  SOOO … thank you First Grade Blue Skies for giving me drawing confidence! 

Super cute … right?!

OK … I am off to get ready for Friday … ugh Thursday!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Five For Friday & A Freebie!


Yay!  It's Friday … ohhhh... I have missed you!  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday!  


This saying is two-fold for me… this week!  
#1  I am soooo cheesy and think it is hysterical!  HEY… I own my cheesiness … (and I think my students do too hahahahaha)
#2  This week we have started working on ARRAYS and I am sooooo happy to be moving on from story problems.  Since March, I have had 3 newcomers enter my classroom (2 from Brazil and 1 from South Africa).  We have been working on STORY PROBLEMS, which can be VERY wordy with soooooo much vocabulary.  So for all my ELLs … this is not so much fun.  So now we are working on arrays, which have minimal language and they are VERY VISUAL!  I have noticed a HUGE change in their affect and seeing/watching them feel successful, puts a HUGE SMILE ON ALL OF OUR FACES!  


We kicked off our array unit watching two of our favorite characters …Annie & Moby!  My students are OBSESSED with Brain Pop Jr.  The short clips are engaging and are a great visual tool for students.  The clips help reinforce the new vocabulary!


HANDS ON … YES PLEASE!  We made our own arrays this week with dot stickers!  Each student picked two cards,  filled in the sentence ____ rows of ____, made their own array to match their sentence, and wrote a repeated addition sentence!  They loved this activity and they were soooo excited to say HIP HIP ARRAY!  haha

I posted this activity in my TpT store as a freebie!  I hope your students like it as much as mine did!


I was sooooooo happy to find this array activity from Amy Lemons, I Spy Arrays!  My students were SUPER energetic this week and needed some movement!  They actually loved this activity.  I need to remember to post my task cards around the classroom, once in a while!

Divider 5
My last tidbit on my arrays this week … NEXT year when I am calling "ROW 1", "ROW 2", "ROW 3",  it is COLUMNS … DUH AMY … your students sit in columns NOT rows!  HAHAHAHA  If it will help them with a concept … I am all for it! :)

That's my cARRAYzy week!  


Digital Paper by Teaching Super Power

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Clip Art by Melonheadz and Fonts by Hello Fonts!

I can admit that I am addicted to books!  I love to read myself, but even more, I love reading to my class and seeing my students' love for reading.  I use to buy 948293489238492 books each school year (that got expensive)… #amazonprimeaddict

I taught special education for 8 years and had my fair share of reluctant readers … which literally broke my heart! 

I needed something to motivate my little learners…so…I searched high and low for high interest books for them at their level!   

So with that said, I am a HUGE fan of Readers' Workshop and students' choosing their own books.   I am now teaching 2nd grade, and although I don't have any reluctant readers (I KNOW!!!!!!!), I still use strategies to engage my readers.
I 100% believe in student choice with their reading books, because who wants to read books that they are uninterested in?  (I know I don't)  My mission was to find many different books that my students were interested in to motivate my students to read.  I needed books to lure them to love reading haha!

My solution… 


YES … they make it soooo easy!  You can use the card catalog online, request books, and have your library hold them.  You can just go pick up the books at the front desk!  So easy!  AND … at my library if you can't find the book at your library, you can look at the consortium and have them ship the book to your library! 

But seriously, I use my public library often because it is convenient and I can check out a ton of books that are of interest to my students.  It was great during our animal study because I can request a bunch of different animal books!  Also, be on the lookout for library book sales!  At my library you can get a bag of books for 5 bucks!  I literally have at least 50 books on tape and SOOOOOO many books from these book sales!

We are about to launch our author study!  This year I am choosing Kevin Henkes.  I went to the library today to pick up books.  I already own many of his books, but I know once we get started my students are going to want to read his books!  Do your students RUN to grab your read aloud books?  My students do and at our school library they always check out books that we have read in class or by authors we love!  #socute 

The library books stay in a separate bin and students know when they are done to put them back! :) 

If I wasn't a teacher, I think I would be a librarian!!!!  For real!  

Alright, I am off to go for a walk!  Crazy New England weather!!!  

Friday, May 8, 2015

Five for Friday & a MONEY freebie!


I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiday!!!!!!!!!!!


CINCO DE MAYO aka my Mom's Birthdaaaayyyyy!!!!!  So my cousin, Kendie, made my Mom the cutest birthday cake!!!  She is the next Cake Boss, yessss she loves that show!  We also went to the Red Sox game and they WON!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!  




I made these gifts for my teammates!  I am at a new school and in a new grade this year and they have beeeeeeeeeeeen AMAZING!!!!!!  So I really want to thank alllllll of them!!!!!!! 

We were social media for Halloween!!!

EOS GIFTS … because I am obsessed with EOS!


TpT SALEEEE!!!!!!  You had me at sale!!!!  Sooooo… I started printing and prepping for next year … already?!  I bought a TON of clip art to get creative over the summer … YAY!  But, I am so excited for these super cute Back to School centers from Katie King!!!!!  I already printed them and will be laminating and organizing them soon!!!!


I support causes that I believe in … and Step Up for Colleen is a cause I truly believe in! 


Does anyone else find the concept of money difficult for their little learners ?!?!  We have been working on making change and we have needed A LOT of practice!  But… I think that we have it!!!!

I made this booklet for extra practice.
AND … if you want that booklet you can download it here

Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading my super RANDOM Five for Friday!