Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The things we do for our students … :)

Hi Ya'll!  I sound soooo southern?!?!?!  HAHAHHA yea this New Englander DEF DOES NOT have a southern accent, but I "have" one during my Smoky Mountain Rose:  An Appalachian Cinderella read aloud … I know my southern accent is soooooo amazing awful! :)  But… hey my students were SUPER engaged and loved it (and that is what matters)!  

Ya'll want to hear about some science in my class...

Well… our mealworms have arrived to our class.  I am soooooo not an insect person, but I am trying my hardest to suck it up, put a smile on my face, AND teach this with excitement!  I will tell you that my students are LOVING their little mealworms.  Each student has their own vial with 2 mealworms.  They get to observe the mealworms through the lifecycle.  When my students arrived this am, they went right to check on them (super cute)!  Check out some pics of class observations AND my FANTASTIC para who totally stepped in to help me out!!!!  She is awesome!!!! 

PS… I always add misconceptions on our schema anchor charts because we are learning and it is OKAY to not KNOW everything and to change our thinking!!!! :)

ALSO  happening today was … 
I was in need of some word work for my friends … so I whipped up making words out of springtime center.  What I love about these activities is that all of my students were able to do the same activity.  When I was running my guided reading group, I could hear them talking about manipulating the sounds and how words were spelled.  I love hearing them work together, staying on task, and discussing their work!  #proudteacher   Making words from the word SPRINGTIME … you can get it here

That's MY day!!!!  :)  :)  :)  Ya'll have a good night!    

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