Monday, April 13, 2015

Surviving Until Summer… hopefully!!! #dramatic #ownit

LOVING this linky party idea … hosted by Queen of the First Grade Jungle and Fabulous in First … I am REALLY feeling the spring fever in my class!  We have 5 more days until VACATION … that we desperately need!

Sooo ... check out a few ways of how I am surviving ... 

Outside of the Classroom

Shopping … it's my stress relief … and I am seriously obsessed with Nordstrom … I wish I wasn't but ... it has amazing stuff there…


As much as I complain about going … I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gym … AFTER!!!!!!  Even on the worst days … when I go to the gym … it really can change my mood and I feel sooooo much better!

Confession … I AM ADDICTED to fountain soda!  GAME CHANGER in my mood … when work gets challenging … I immediately hit McDonalds for a soda :) #gamechanger #moodinstantlychanged

Oh HEY!  Random (impromptu) nights out with my friends … with a couple of quiet ones … much needed … and totally KEEPS me sane!  

Inside MY Classroom

PUSHING the positive behavior … REALLY trying to reward my students for behaving properly … TALKING UP these brag tags and making a GIANT deal out of who earns them!!!!!!!!  (hopefully they will ALL earn them …)

You can grab them here!

I made these tags and gave these markers out to my co-workers!  We ALL need a little pick me up!  And… well… who doesn't love Mr. Sketch :)  #RAK #embracemycrazy

So I am in the planning stages (thanks to these awesome pages to keep me organized from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd)  I am working on hands on math centers to keep my little learners ENGAGED and learning until the end of the year!  As much as I want to chill out … this is the time that you need to bring your A game … so I am planning on bringing it!  Stay tuned for my fun end of the year math centers!  

Thanks for stopping by and seeing how I am surviving these last weeks of school!


  1. I love this whole post. Adorable! Thanks for linking up.

    1. THANKS!!!!! I am loving this link party theme!!!!! :)

  2. I LOVE your brag tags! How cute! =) And yes, I agree- we have to really step up our game now! =)

  3. Such a lovely post!! I think summer time is best for hosting parties. I love summer holiday and pool parties. Last year at some local Los Angeles event space I hosted a funky holiday party. It was so adorable. I would like to host such fun party again in upcoming summer.