Wednesday, March 4, 2015

MORE MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently I am addicted to blogging about math … hahaha … it's just that … well… honestly my math class at the beginning of the year well was sort of … a mess … ok … I admitted it!  Buuuuut, I spent some serious time reconstructing and figuring out the best way to meet the needs of my students.  WE ARE ALL MUCH HAPPIER and my students are LEARNING so much.  So we do math rotations, which includes:  teacher time, fact fluency, a center activity, and independent work (I will blog about how I group students later).  This week we are tackling those VERY tricky 2.OA story problems.  I found a resource that was AMAZING and EXACTLY what I was looking for … and you can find it here.  I am using it during my teacher time and then students will use it during their independent work.

Some teacher time ...  

Each group worked with me to begin solving some story problems.  I love the way that these problems are broken down with steps/questions and has students think about the story problems (not guess)!  During this time, students are think-pair-sharing about strategies and evidence from the story problem that supports their thinking.  They did awesome, I love hearing their thinking and using new vocabulary.  This time also gives us practice on our accountable talk strategies … MULTI-TASKERS!!!!

The center activity

click the picture for a freebie!!!!

I found this idea on pinterest, right here.  Those number sentences were single digits, so I created my own to reflect what we are doing in our class.  

So what is happening here?  A strategy that we use when we are finding an unknown is to fact family the number sentence.  I just put a sticky note over the number in the start position (unknown) and and students had to solve for that unknown.  They began practicing making a fact family when the unknown is at the start, which went along with our story problems.  They need to * the equation that has the unknown as the result (end) and then solve (using a strategy… of course)!  Lotsssss of steps and practice to master this tricky skill!

Math Games and Fact Fluency

Your students play games?  Yes … yes they do and believe it or not… they actually are learning!  The fact fluency game is subtraction (not our favorite, haha) and it is called Don't get a foul! in honor of March Madness!  You can find it,  here, in my Ballin' Math Centers.  They are flipping cards over and solving their facts.  If they pick up a card with a whistle, they have to put their cards back. Oh and because I am awesome … they can make a whistle sound if they choose.  YAY!  

The place value game they are playing and I must say ...are OBSESSED with it… big cheers in my class for that game… is called Music War.  Another solid find on TpT!  You can find it, here

We HEART math!

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Alright… I am off to the gym!  Yay! #motivate