Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easterrrrr Freebiesssss!

Hi!  I do have a new post coming soon… but I wanted to share 2 freebies!  
Sometime near holidays, you just need a little something extra to help motivate your students!  Soooooo enjoy these super, cute notes to send home.  My students are going crazzzzzzy to earn a note home!

Click the picture below!


these math task cards to fill up some Easter eggs!  LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!  Super excited for this center tomorrow!

I hope you enjoy!

Click on the picture below!

 Hope you enjoy!  Off to watch The Voice!!!!!!!!!! #obsessed  :)

Thursday, March 12, 2015



Five For Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching


Alright … I am kicking off my Five for Friday with some LITERACY!  Yes, can you believe it?!?  I am actually posting some literacy!  I actually LOVE my literacy block, as in obsessed with this time.  We have been working on some fluency and "ghost" letters.  The fluency task cards help my students with their oral reading.  Honestly, it is sooooooo cute /funny listening to them reading with expression!  (thank you Teaching with a Mountain View)

My other little friends are playing Ghost, which you find here.  They are practicing those tricky silent letters!  I love that they take their word work game seriously!!!!


We are ALL so ready to get outside and run … but I do enjoy watching them play with each other inside!!  Ummm… and the girls are playing school!!!!  Melts my heart!  That is what I use to do!


I threw in a little review with some money this week.  We headed to the bakery!  I projected the bake shop items and their cost.  Each student had task cards and a recording sheet.

The task… you had a certain amount of coins on each card… and you needed to buy 2 (only 2) items that equal the value of the coins.

What I wasn't expecting ... was the discourse that happened!  What did I hear you say?  My students could explain why they chose each item!  #YAY

Here is this FREEBIE!  


I went to the teacher store, and I am obsessed with all the cuteness and trendiness (my wallet does NOT love it so much)!  My little cousin found the most amazing stickers ever!  Mint chocolate chip smelly stickers… I am OBSESSED with mint chocolate chip ice cream… HAD TO HAVE THEM!  Guess who else loved them?  My students!!!!!!  #willworkforstickers #itsthelittlethings


I AM OFF TO CHICAGO (after work)!!!!!!!!!  I have never been and I am soooooooooo EXCITED to go!!!  I obviously had to get sooooo much swag for the trip.  It is totally normal, right?!?!  They paint their river green?!!!?  

That is my Five for Friday!  Have a great weekend! 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A peek into my bag of tricks …

Friday was our big 2nd grade show and my students have been practicing verrrrrrrry hard for this day.  But, with our show comes schedule changes… and what that really means to teachers isssssssss… AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! hahahaha So…we had 2 shows one in the morning (for families) and one in the afternoon (for students).  There are lots of emotions that happen throughout these types of days:   anticipation of parents attending or not attending, nerves, and EXCITEMENT!  Sooooo much excitement!  

My Game Plan

Hands on math rotations… YES! We use math rotations everyday and it is part of our routine.  My students love these rotations, so I decided to spice it up a bit and review some measurement, which we sooooo needed.  Below is a look at some of the rotations…

S'more Measurement    

Who doesn't LOVE s'mores?!?!?!

If you notice the #label … we use that in our class often to remind us to ALWAYS label our math problems!  


I am not quite sure why my students LOVE this game soooo much????  But… they are OBSESSED!!!!!!  


How much longer?

This activity is comparing 2 different length snakes!  We are currently working on comparing (subtraction) story problems, so this was a great concrete, hands on activity to help us make those connections of comparing! 

The S'more Measurement and Watch out for snakes! activities are part of my Camp Measurement unit that you can find here!   

Hands on activities … saved the day!!!!!! 

Well… I am off to do some plans for this upcoming week!!!!! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

MORE MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently I am addicted to blogging about math … hahaha … it's just that … well… honestly my math class at the beginning of the year well was sort of … a mess … ok … I admitted it!  Buuuuut, I spent some serious time reconstructing and figuring out the best way to meet the needs of my students.  WE ARE ALL MUCH HAPPIER and my students are LEARNING so much.  So we do math rotations, which includes:  teacher time, fact fluency, a center activity, and independent work (I will blog about how I group students later).  This week we are tackling those VERY tricky 2.OA story problems.  I found a resource that was AMAZING and EXACTLY what I was looking for … and you can find it here.  I am using it during my teacher time and then students will use it during their independent work.

Some teacher time ...  

Each group worked with me to begin solving some story problems.  I love the way that these problems are broken down with steps/questions and has students think about the story problems (not guess)!  During this time, students are think-pair-sharing about strategies and evidence from the story problem that supports their thinking.  They did awesome, I love hearing their thinking and using new vocabulary.  This time also gives us practice on our accountable talk strategies … MULTI-TASKERS!!!!

The center activity

click the picture for a freebie!!!!

I found this idea on pinterest, right here.  Those number sentences were single digits, so I created my own to reflect what we are doing in our class.  

So what is happening here?  A strategy that we use when we are finding an unknown is to fact family the number sentence.  I just put a sticky note over the number in the start position (unknown) and and students had to solve for that unknown.  They began practicing making a fact family when the unknown is at the start, which went along with our story problems.  They need to * the equation that has the unknown as the result (end) and then solve (using a strategy… of course)!  Lotsssss of steps and practice to master this tricky skill!

Math Games and Fact Fluency

Your students play games?  Yes … yes they do and believe it or not… they actually are learning!  The fact fluency game is subtraction (not our favorite, haha) and it is called Don't get a foul! in honor of March Madness!  You can find it,  here, in my Ballin' Math Centers.  They are flipping cards over and solving their facts.  If they pick up a card with a whistle, they have to put their cards back. Oh and because I am awesome … they can make a whistle sound if they choose.  YAY!  

The place value game they are playing and I must say ...are OBSESSED with it… big cheers in my class for that game… is called Music War.  Another solid find on TpT!  You can find it, here

We HEART math!

#weUSEstrategies #weUSEmathvocab #thinkpairshare

Alright… I am off to the gym!  Yay! #motivate

Monday, March 2, 2015


MY VERY FIRST CURRENTLY with Farley !!!!!  I have ALWAYS read these on the blogs I follow and NOW I am doing one… YAY...


The Voice is seriously soooooo good!!!!  Is anyone else watching?!?   Blake is ALL OVER Adam (yes… I am on a first name basis with them!!!!!!)  OBSESSED!!!!!!!


My new NIKES!!!!  I will let you all in on a little secret… the best NIKES are @ Nordstrom and Dillards!!!!  Yeppp… that's right!  




Soooooooo MANY fun things can be done for Read Across America and Dr. Seuss's birthdaaaaaay!!!!  I have soooo many pins  that I want to do …. sigh … hahahahha I LOVE READING!!!!!


Yessss.. it is my guilty pleasure… SHAMROCK SHAKES from McDonalds!!!! They are sooooooo good… hahahhaha 


I need to cut all my lamination for upcoming centers for math and reading.  This is nothing new… just ongoing!  I actually like doing it … I just need to sit down and actually do it!!!!!!  

Spring Break Plans

Here in Mass we have a February and April vacation, no spring break!  Buuuuuutttttt… I am going to Chicago for St. Patty's Day!  I hear they paint the river green ?!?!… sooooo I can NOT WAIT!!! I have never been there and it's a place I really want to go to! #soexciting!!!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's Time For GUACAMOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a teaching blog… I never specified WHAT I would teach (HAHA)!  So today I am going to teach you "how to" make some guacamole.  I have "how-to's" on my mind since we are just about to finish up that unit!  Also, I do not like store bought guacamole, once you have it made table side, FRESH guac is the only way to go!

How To Make Guacamole

What You Need:

 Above is everything that I use in my guacamole.  You can add peppers, tomatoes or not add every ingredient that I have. You definitely need the lime juice for the acidity, so the avocados do not brown.

Alright… let's get started…it is so simple!

First, you are going to scoop the avocados into the molcajete and add salt and lime juice to taste.  Next, chop the cilantro and red onion, add to the molcajete.  Then, add the garlic (I use a garlic press for mine).

Last, mix together, grab a chip, and dip away!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this "how to"!  I am off to get ready for the work week!!!!