Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We are busy!!!! #gonoodle #weUSEsubtractionstrategies

It has beeeeeeeeen a great week back so far!  We have all been working very hard.  We are finishing up our "All About" books in writing, I am benchmarking in reading, we are working on our subtraction strategies in math, and Go Noodling during recess.  We are very busssssssy!  

GO NOODLE!!!!!  How did I NOT know about this before?!?!  A colleague showed me it … and wellllllllll my class and I are obsessed!  We started out just looking at the screen … a little unsure … and NOW everyone is doing it!  My new little (shy) ELL is leading the pack up in front … so HAPPY to see her enjoying the class :)  

So… we started our double digit subtraction this week.  I was not sure how this was going to go, but I am DEF very happy with what I am seeing.  My students are trying all the strategies out.  Take a look at the strategies and some work  that we are doing …

Sooooo … go and try some strategiessss with your students!!!!!!!!!!  I am off to go get organized for tomorrow! 

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