Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Snow DayssSsSsS with a Flurry of Math Centers!

We are getting SLAMMMMMMED with snow here!  Seriously, there is over 3 feet of snow outside (and MORE is allegedly coming)!  We have had 7 snow days, which is unheard of!  But …what that really means… everyday we have to keep reviewing at the beginning of our lessons, to move on with our curriculum, and then we have another day off (and it starts all over again)!  I just want to work on our math centers :)!  We have been working on our Valentine Themed Math Centers, which includes strengthening our place value skills, expanding our strategies for solving double digit addition, mastering those math facts, and solving those tricky story problems!  We have  a lot going on (when we do have school HAHA!)  Below are some pictures of the math centers that we are working on:  

I will be blogging more about my centers soon!  But, I am off to play on this snow day with my teacher friends!  

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