Sunday, February 15, 2015

It's addition time! #weUSEstrategies

We are working on 2 and 3 digit addition in our classroom.  Now, before I show you the strategies, I wanted to express that I was very wary of using strategies and always wondered WHY we were not teaching the algorithm with regrouping.  Wouldn't that be so much easier?   In the beginning, I was not fully on board, BUT, then some math magic happened.  Math magic?!?  What's that?!?  It's when your students start applying the strategies and using the academic language that you've taught! :):):)  

So strategies…

Here is the anchor chart that I use in my classroom:

When starting 2 digit addition, we begin with the base ten drawings and work our way up the anchor chart.  We are currently ALL approaching the "chunking" strategy.  Super exciting!  Since beginning these strategies, I have seen increased number sense and a deeper understanding of place value with all my students (number of the day has also played a HUGE role in us understanding place value -- that will be an upcoming blog post

When walking around my classroom and I ask a student, "What are you doing?"  They are able to tell you what strategy they are using whether they are "chunking", using addition split, open number lining, or that they are experts at the base ten strategy.  They will tell you that they are decomposing numbers into tens and ones, counting on by tens, or the value of each digit.  


Here is student work … we are also working on story problems… my students LOVE working on their story problems in a mini booklet, especially when the story problems star them! 

   I am NOW a believer in teaching strategies and am AMAZED at how my students are able to apply what they have been taught and able to explain their thinking!

Here is a freebie for you to try to use some strategies!  Click the picture below!  Let me know how you like addition with strategies!

 #proudteacher #weUSEstrategies 

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