Friday, February 27, 2015

FIVE FOR FRIDAY!!!!! #soooomanyteacherprobs


Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching!  


We are back from vacation and back at it.  I have had a great week back with my students.  We have been working SUPER hard… speaking of SUPER … we made Deanna Jump's Super Hero craftivity.  Instead of a writing prompt, I made an "I am doing a SUPER job using math strategies"  addition and subtraction sheet.  I am OBSESSED with how adorable they came out!  Click the picture for the sheet! 

To learn more about the addition and subtraction strategies … you can look here and here.


These cute dogs were part of our money unit that you can find here.  I love how one of my girls took her hair bow out to put on her dog!  Look at the other dogs, they are so unique!  I love my #creativeclass


Sooooo… I am working on some new motivation for my classroom… and it is going to emphasize … EFFORT!  I use centers/stations/guided groups in my class for every subject, so there is a lot of time that students need to be working independently (or at a station).  Accountability is HUGE in my class because it is a necessity, which led me to effort because I feel that it encompasses the accountability piece.  So I am trying to work on something with my class… it is in the beginning stages, but they are helping me shape it!  But we did 
create this anchor chart together "What is putting in effort?"… don't mind the way it looks… it's hard talking and writing at the same time!


You know what makes my week… when I walk around my classroom and I see my students on task!  This is a subtraction fact game, that is part of my Ballin' Math Centers, these two boys are playing.  They are loving the game, "Don't get a foul!" to practice their facts! They get to make a whistle sound if they pick up the whistle!  


UMMMMM… can we talk about the TpT sale ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  How much money did everyone spend?  I am soooo excited to start using my NEW purchases!!!!!!!!!!  I got some cuuuuute clip art and awesome materials to use with my students :):):)

I will be printing, laminating, cutting, and planning!!!!!!  YAY!!!! #teacherprobs

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