Friday, February 13, 2015

FIVE FOR FRIDAY! #iamsorandom


It's MY VERY FIRST Five for Friday time with 

Doodle Bugs Teaching!


I AM ON VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


SOOooOOOOOoOoO… we did some Valentine's Day celebrating (ALL TIED TO OUR CURRICULUM)  I love holidays, but I think it's super important to keep on a normal schedule, so check out below how we celebrated! #gettingcreativewithcurriculum

We read "Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch" during writing (which is a very sweet book) and we continued writing our how-to's … with how to cheer up Mr. Hatch!  LOVE! :)

In math, we solved some Valentine's Day story problems!  I love making story problems with my students' names in it.  They LOVE it and it keeps them engaged!


We just got INTERACTIVE white boards  AND Apple TV in our classrooms.  SO!  EXCITED!  We just had our training and it seems easy enough to use (fingers crossed).  YAY FOR TECHNOLOGY!


I am bringing back CHEESEBALLS!!!!!!!!


THE TEAM!  We all use to work together until this year.  Some of us moved to different districts, but we still meet up every Friday! :)

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