Friday, February 27, 2015

FIVE FOR FRIDAY!!!!! #soooomanyteacherprobs


Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching!  


We are back from vacation and back at it.  I have had a great week back with my students.  We have been working SUPER hard… speaking of SUPER … we made Deanna Jump's Super Hero craftivity.  Instead of a writing prompt, I made an "I am doing a SUPER job using math strategies"  addition and subtraction sheet.  I am OBSESSED with how adorable they came out!  Click the picture for the sheet! 

To learn more about the addition and subtraction strategies … you can look here and here.


These cute dogs were part of our money unit that you can find here.  I love how one of my girls took her hair bow out to put on her dog!  Look at the other dogs, they are so unique!  I love my #creativeclass


Sooooo… I am working on some new motivation for my classroom… and it is going to emphasize … EFFORT!  I use centers/stations/guided groups in my class for every subject, so there is a lot of time that students need to be working independently (or at a station).  Accountability is HUGE in my class because it is a necessity, which led me to effort because I feel that it encompasses the accountability piece.  So I am trying to work on something with my class… it is in the beginning stages, but they are helping me shape it!  But we did 
create this anchor chart together "What is putting in effort?"… don't mind the way it looks… it's hard talking and writing at the same time!


You know what makes my week… when I walk around my classroom and I see my students on task!  This is a subtraction fact game, that is part of my Ballin' Math Centers, these two boys are playing.  They are loving the game, "Don't get a foul!" to practice their facts! They get to make a whistle sound if they pick up the whistle!  


UMMMMM… can we talk about the TpT sale ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  How much money did everyone spend?  I am soooo excited to start using my NEW purchases!!!!!!!!!!  I got some cuuuuute clip art and awesome materials to use with my students :):):)

I will be printing, laminating, cutting, and planning!!!!!!  YAY!!!! #teacherprobs

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We are busy!!!! #gonoodle #weUSEsubtractionstrategies

It has beeeeeeeeen a great week back so far!  We have all been working very hard.  We are finishing up our "All About" books in writing, I am benchmarking in reading, we are working on our subtraction strategies in math, and Go Noodling during recess.  We are very busssssssy!  

GO NOODLE!!!!!  How did I NOT know about this before?!?!  A colleague showed me it … and wellllllllll my class and I are obsessed!  We started out just looking at the screen … a little unsure … and NOW everyone is doing it!  My new little (shy) ELL is leading the pack up in front … so HAPPY to see her enjoying the class :)  

So… we started our double digit subtraction this week.  I was not sure how this was going to go, but I am DEF very happy with what I am seeing.  My students are trying all the strategies out.  Take a look at the strategies and some work  that we are doing …

Sooooo … go and try some strategiessss with your students!!!!!!!!!!  I am off to go get organized for tomorrow! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's a bittersweet day!

Today is the last day of winter break and going back to work after a vacation is always bittersweet.  It is sweet to be back on a schedule and in a routine (I NEEEEEEEEED a routine)… BUT … I seriously struggle (so bitter) to get up in the morning! I am so not a morning person and I can't even pretend to be one.  With that being said, I am super excited to see my students and get back at it.  It has been crazy with the snow here in New England and we have had soooo many snow days before this break.  I am excited to get back to the grind and on our schedule.  I have a lot to do...  


1.  Get to work early to laminate and prepare materials for the day (that means getting up early).
2.  Go over our procedures, routines, and behavior expectations.   We need a reminder after our break!
3.  Begin to tackle double digit subtraction with strategies.
4.  Begin working on main idea.
5.  Finish our "All About" books.
5.  HIT THE GYM! :) Yes, I started taking barre class and spinning.  LOVE!

Alright, off to watch the Oscar's, make my lunch, iron, etc … :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

It's addition time! #weUSEstrategies

We are working on 2 and 3 digit addition in our classroom.  Now, before I show you the strategies, I wanted to express that I was very wary of using strategies and always wondered WHY we were not teaching the algorithm with regrouping.  Wouldn't that be so much easier?   In the beginning, I was not fully on board, BUT, then some math magic happened.  Math magic?!?  What's that?!?  It's when your students start applying the strategies and using the academic language that you've taught! :):):)  

So strategies…

Here is the anchor chart that I use in my classroom:

When starting 2 digit addition, we begin with the base ten drawings and work our way up the anchor chart.  We are currently ALL approaching the "chunking" strategy.  Super exciting!  Since beginning these strategies, I have seen increased number sense and a deeper understanding of place value with all my students (number of the day has also played a HUGE role in us understanding place value -- that will be an upcoming blog post

When walking around my classroom and I ask a student, "What are you doing?"  They are able to tell you what strategy they are using whether they are "chunking", using addition split, open number lining, or that they are experts at the base ten strategy.  They will tell you that they are decomposing numbers into tens and ones, counting on by tens, or the value of each digit.  


Here is student work … we are also working on story problems… my students LOVE working on their story problems in a mini booklet, especially when the story problems star them! 

   I am NOW a believer in teaching strategies and am AMAZED at how my students are able to apply what they have been taught and able to explain their thinking!

Here is a freebie for you to try to use some strategies!  Click the picture below!  Let me know how you like addition with strategies!

 #proudteacher #weUSEstrategies 

Friday, February 13, 2015

FIVE FOR FRIDAY! #iamsorandom


It's MY VERY FIRST Five for Friday time with 

Doodle Bugs Teaching!


I AM ON VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


SOOooOOOOOoOoO… we did some Valentine's Day celebrating (ALL TIED TO OUR CURRICULUM)  I love holidays, but I think it's super important to keep on a normal schedule, so check out below how we celebrated! #gettingcreativewithcurriculum

We read "Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch" during writing (which is a very sweet book) and we continued writing our how-to's … with how to cheer up Mr. Hatch!  LOVE! :)

In math, we solved some Valentine's Day story problems!  I love making story problems with my students' names in it.  They LOVE it and it keeps them engaged!


We just got INTERACTIVE white boards  AND Apple TV in our classrooms.  SO!  EXCITED!  We just had our training and it seems easy enough to use (fingers crossed).  YAY FOR TECHNOLOGY!


I am bringing back CHEESEBALLS!!!!!!!!


THE TEAM!  We all use to work together until this year.  Some of us moved to different districts, but we still meet up every Friday! :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Snow DayssSsSsS with a Flurry of Math Centers!

We are getting SLAMMMMMMED with snow here!  Seriously, there is over 3 feet of snow outside (and MORE is allegedly coming)!  We have had 7 snow days, which is unheard of!  But …what that really means… everyday we have to keep reviewing at the beginning of our lessons, to move on with our curriculum, and then we have another day off (and it starts all over again)!  I just want to work on our math centers :)!  We have been working on our Valentine Themed Math Centers, which includes strengthening our place value skills, expanding our strategies for solving double digit addition, mastering those math facts, and solving those tricky story problems!  We have  a lot going on (when we do have school HAHA!)  Below are some pictures of the math centers that we are working on:  

I will be blogging more about my centers soon!  But, I am off to play on this snow day with my teacher friends!  

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Writing a blog has been something that I have talked about for a while, but never did it!  Sooooo… I am finally writing a blog about my love for teaching.    A big thank you to Blogs Fit For A Queen for my super cute blog design.  They were AMAZING to work with.  As you can see, I am OBSESSED with the design!  I love NEONS and sparkles, and they totally created a blog that screams...ME!  I also just started making products for TpT, which I am also loving! :)   It is so great to watch your students actively learning and being highly engaged on something that you created!  I can't wait to post more about what is happening in my classroom, but I am off to watch the Grammy's!  
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