Saturday, December 26, 2015

December ...

Hi Friends!  I hope everyone had a GREAT holiday (and Santa was good to you!)  December was a crazy blur ... I have no idea where the time went.  Between Christmas parties, report cards, shopping, wrapping, bridesmaid duties, and life ... honestly ... NUTS!  :) BUT ... very productive!  Well... here are some highlights of the happenings ...

We made these Christmas tree ornaments out of cupcake wrappers and star sequins.  It was SUPER easy and they came out super cute!  You could hear a pin drop when my students were making them.  I love how serious they were making their parents a gift and wrapping them with such care.  :):):)

If you must know one thing about me ... it is that I LOVE a theme!!!!  Whatever ... the theme ... I will go with it one hundred percent.  Soooo ... here are two of my Christmas themed outfits with my ugly sweater pen!  LOVED!!!!  I am telling you that I was into ugly sweaters before they were soooooo trendy :)!  HAHA!  

I am a huge proponent of positive behavior and motivating students with positive parent communication.  I made these notecards to send home when my students were caught doing something good!  Positive behavior management has really helped the culture in my classroom.  I truly believe in acknowledging positive behavior and encouraging students to own their behavior.  #makesMYlifeEASIER #ownIT

Please say hi to my NEW student, Buddy the Elf... this little guy made 2348239048901849018 snowflakes out of post-it notes ... :)  He wanted to hang them ALL over the classroom!  It is hard not to laugh at the things that happen when you work with kids.  Making snowflakes was MUCH more engaging than me hahahaha :)  

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Consistency is ABSOLUTELY necessary! (Grab a Freebie)

Well... hello December!  When Thanksgiving is late in November, the holiday season comes SOoOOooOO quickly.  The holiday season can be so crazy with parties, shopping, Christmas light adventures, AND keeping little 7 & 8 year olds engaged on their tasks!  Crazy!  As much fun and excitement that comes with the season, it can be also VERY stressful.  So to AVOID feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I am doing my very best to make better decisions.  

A huge stress relief for me ... is working out.  I think it is fun and actually gives you more energy (to do the never ending To-Do list).  Thanks to my friend, Stacey, I started going to a SUPER fun spin class.  I am totally off beat the whole time, but OH WELL... you sweat like crazy and have a blast.  That is a DOUBLE win!

Did I mention that they also play the best music... 
like Adele to Bieber to Fetty Wap ... AMAZING!

Next up:

I know this is a FUN and MAGICAL time of year, but we still have lots of curriculum to get through.  With students being JAZZED up with excitement of the season, it is tough to keep their engagement.  What works best for me is to really keep the routines and procedures consistent.  I sprinkle in some holiday magic with festive clipart on their work, through close reading passages about December/winter fun, and math stations with some holiday theme to them.  I am not Scrooge (haha), but learning is very important.  Check out this engagement happening... :)    

I also get by with a little help from my friends...AKA elves!!

When you have a classroom full of friends WHO love Go Noodle... then it is the PERFECT behavior incentive.  We typically use Go Noodle for quick brain break during our day AND they always want more.  So we will be able to have a Go Noodle dance party ...if we earn 10 elves! 

Elves are definitely your friends during December :) 

Click the image above for your behavior incentive freebie!

Thanks for stopping by!  #staypositive

Friday, November 27, 2015

Five For Friday! 11-27-15

Hi Friends!  It has been a LONGGGGGGG time since I last blogged and I really need to get better at it!!!!!  It's on my list of goals ... :)  I don't know about you all, but November has been a SUPER quick month.  It's shocking that yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving, the most delicious holiday of them all!!!  I have had a FUN week and I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share my week!


My week was kicked off with a lovely Bridal shower for one of my besties!  It was fall themed ... mainly because I love a cheese saying ... and I wish I was kidding but they make me so happy! #FallinLOVE ... I was in charge of making the bow bouquet, it is a SERIOUS job up there HAHAHA!!!!  The wedding is on New Year's, I can't wait to celebrate these two!!!!


This week we focused on lots of Turkey themed stuff!  We learned ALL about turkeys and wrote some new facts that we learned!  Turkeys even made an appearance in our math activities, as we gobbled up that place value.  (I told you I love a cheesy saying!)  We did a TON of close reading to get our turkey facts!!!!  :)  I love close reading and I think that it is such an important skill.


This week I received cheese balls (my FAV), a sweet letter, and one my of friends took the mentor text I was reading out of the school library to read for herself.  It is JUST what I needed.  I don't know about you, but for me it's that time of year where I am starting to get a little tired and overwhelmed.  AND then I get a sweet, unprovoked thoughtful surprise from my students and then ... you know that your tiredness is all WORTH it!  AND... she even drew my bun!  I do wear my hair up everyday in a giant bun, but who knew that is EXACTLY how they see me! hahahaha


Happy Thanksgiving Day football game!!!!!!!  YOU all know I always talk about my cousins, well meet my cousin, Kevin!  This 6 foot 2 boy man had an AMAZING football season.  He worked soooooooo hard and did soooooo well!  My fam couldn't be MORE proud. 

AND ... Kendie straightened her own hair ... I can't take her getting older! 


Hi ... my name is Amy and I can be a procrastinator.  I have good intentions on getting stuff done early, it just doesn't always happen.  #realtalk

BUTTTTT... for once I am READY!  Thanksgiving was late this year which means that December is going to be CraZZZyyyy town!  Super, super BUSY!  Soooo ... I actually have tags and stuff printed!  Yessss... I am ahead of the game with cheesy sayings, of course!

Check that the cards and tags out here!  

I can check that of my to do list!!  Yay! 

Well... thanks for stopping by.  I am off to meet up with fam and friends! :) 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Five For Friday! #FAVmonth #Freebie

Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  It is OFFICIALLY October … :)  AND my FAV month!  I love the costumes … and being scared…  and the candy … and pumpkin EVERYTHING… AHHHH pure bliss!  AND best of all, we are finally in full swing in room 207!  YAY, for October!  

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday… check out some of my week!  


I am a HUGE fan of using THINK-PAIR-SHARE in my classroom.  I think that every student in my classroom benefits from this strategy and I use it often!  It does not matter the level of the child or their English proficiency… they have an opportunity to share with a partner, which is WAY less intimidating than volunteering in front of the class!  As a teacher, I am able to lean in to hear my little friends' thinking and know if they are on the right track!  It gives students confidence to speak in front of their peers!  Also, hearing my students use accountable talk and being respectful is SOOOO AMAZING!  :)  #FAVstrategy 


I started creating a NEW product on place value that I am soooooo excited about.  I have been collecting clipart for this piece, but was not motivated.  My creativeness is NOW in full swing.  #PLACEvaluePARTY


I introduced some new games this week.  This game is practicing our math facts.  We are calling it Monster FACTS, because there are monsters in the pack that steal your cards back! :)  #gamesMOTIVATE #socialSKILLS #teambuilding


Soooo… I saw this quote on instagram and instantly became OBSESSED.  I projected this on my board today and asked my students what they thought it meant!  #growthmindset #powerOFpostivethinking 

I think that it is important to teach students to work hard and to ALWAYS try their best.  SO important!  BE PROUD of what you do!  Are YOU proud of your work?!?

GRAB these posters… CLICK HERE!  AND… start MOTIVATING your students!


Why… hello!

I seriously AM addicted to nail polish hahahhaha :)  

Well… I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend!  I know I will!  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Math Workshop #BringitON!

This week we kicked off Math Workshop…it is a work in progress getting all of my little friends into the routines/procedures of the workshop model.  But we went for it!  We begin math everyday on the rug for a mini-lesson, then we break into four groups that rotate around different stations, and come back to the rug for a short closing.  I am a HUGE fan of math workshop because I am able to pull guided groups.  In these guided groups, I am meeting with my students in a small group which allows me to meet their needs!  I feel like I am able to reach my students better and have seen better overall success with this model! 

Sooo… what is everyone else doing when I am pulling groups?  They are working in stations around the classroom.  On my chart^^ (up there) you can see the different rotations.  I am sorry that my chart isn't the cutest thing you have ever seen!  But, the clip art is … thanks Kate Hadfield Designs!

SO we kicked off our workshop with some fun learning!!!  Check it out ...
Seat Work - An extension of teacher time and what the focus lesson is -
Math Games - which is currently War a FAV place value game… you can find that here! - We are working on how to play games and that games are for learning and not for winning #myboysAREcompetitive 
Back Table - which is where different math stations are - this week we are working on even and odd and true/false -  The even and odd is a freebie from The Bubbly Blond, check that out here!  The true/false is from my Let's Get Back 2 Work Centers, grab that here!  

The best part of math workshop is that my students are cheering for math time and truly loving it!  :)  Tomorrow is Friday!  YAY!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Five For Friday! I LOVE Reader's Workshop

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday! 

This was my FIRST full week back at school and that saying … there is no tired like B2S tired … could not be MORE true this week! This girl has been SUPER tired ALL week!!!  Does anyone else feel like they could work 24/7 and still not catch up?!?!  

Anyways ...
Soooo…we started our groups this week in Reader's Workshop!  Let me just tell you that … Reader's Workshop is my favorite time of day!  I love seeing the progress of my students and I love seeing their love for reading grow!!!!!  Let's check out these readers … 

Here is a look at my Reading Rotations' schedule.  I currently have 7 different reading groups, levels spanning from F&P - B-L levels - We are working on quick transitions and getting right to work.  Posting the schedule has been very helpful to keep all my students on track and to know where they are going. I also use a timer, which keeps me in line!  :)  I love the way this board came out … 

The rotations include: Independent Reading, Partner Reading, Writing About Reading, Listening To Reading, and Guided Reading Group, Word Work

Below are my anchor charts of the expectations at each rotation.  I added (and didn't take a picture yet, for guided reading, word work, and listening to reading.)  :)


We waste NO time in my class!  These friends of mine are finding the characters in their story.  I was SO excited when they went back into the text!!!!!  YAY… 

Are they sitting EEKK (elbow to elbow … knee to knee)?!

Yes, these partner readers are!!!!  :)  #meltsmyheart


Sooo … during these first few days, I have been walking around to monitor and to make sure my students were forming good habits… and what I saw... made me smile!!!!  I love when I find everyone on task and doing what we have been talking about!!!   


We are soooo lucky to have Raz-Kids and computers in our classroom.  The students love listening to these stories and taking quizzes.

First full week … CHECK!
and a successful LAUNCH of my Reader's Workshop!  

Friday, September 11, 2015


Hi Friends!!!

I am finally B2S … and sometimes no matter how much you prepare to get ahead over the summer … it still is NOT enough!  #thestruggleisreal #thisteacheristired

I have been MIA for a while because I was planning one of my besties bachelorette parties (which was a huge success) and at the same time getting my classroom ready AND starting school!  It has been crazy and SO enjoyable at the same time!!!!!   

So here is a quick peek at my B2S craziness … 

Happy 10th year of teaching to me!

Kendie's first day of school!!!  I can NOT believe that the she is in 6th grade!!!! :)

My classroom!!!!  It is my favorite class yet … and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how it turned out!!!  More pictures soon … 

Soooo… one of my besties is getting married on New Year's Eve and we had the bachelorette party Labor Day weekend at the Cape!!!! The theme was sharks because Jen loves herself some sharks!!!  We had the BEST weekend, with SOOOOOOO many laughs!!!!! :) 


I plan on being much better about blogging now that I am finally getting into a routine!!!!  

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 31, 2015

#TeacherWeek15 *5 Fun Facts*

Hi Friends!  I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week 15!  This is going to be a super quick post BECAUSE I start school tomorrow!!  But, here are 5 fun facts about ME!

Yessss… it is true!  That is me and my best friend, Lindsay!  We couldn't be more different, but it totally works! :)

That is my college roomie, Kate!!!  We are still super close! :)  Can't believe that we have been out of college for 10 years!  #Imisscollege

It is true!  hahahaha … you can see me boppin' around listening to rap music!!!!  

Sparkles are necessary!!!!!!!!!  

Yes, I love the movie UP!  We "met" Russell and Doug at Animal Kingdom a few years ago! HAHAHA! :)

I hope you enjoyed my 5 fun facts!  :)  Off to get readdddddy for my first day!!!